Our Offerings

My workshops are facilitated in response to the interests and needs identified by each group, or on an open class monthly basis where I determine the theme and focus. There are various themes available linked to nature, the elements, vision boards, soul collage, our dreams, our future selves, what sustains us, reviewing a year and dreaming into a new year.

These are some of our popular workshops:

Body map

We create a life-size tracing of our physical body and use mixed media to express connections to primary emotions, the elements, our personal history.


Mandala, a Sanskrit word meaning round or circular, inspires many themes with a core idea or feeling at the centre and surrounding space held by the outer circle edge.

Puzzle art

Inspired by Tim Kelly’s Puzzle Art Installation & Collaborative Project, we use a large puzzle piece as the format for individual and group work.

Self portrait

We take time to explore our faces with closed eyes, and use a mirror to notice, with gentle eyes, every detail that makes us uniquely who we are, and then draw what we see. A range of mixed media materials are offered to complete the portrait.