What People Say

Trilby’s studio is a soft and welcoming space, created with careful attention to her desire to facilitate art-as-meaning-making.  The four of us, participants for her “body mapping” process, were slightly nervous – well, at least some of my unspoken anxieties were: would we make what was inside of us, would what came to the fore be difficult to handle?  Trilby was clear and organised, setting out the task and the question we needed to be reflecting on during the art-making, and immediately turning our attention to a demonstration of some of the techniques of the art materials we might want to work with, which was great because it launched us easily into what was possible, orientated us to the work.
We worked in a kind of shared wordlessness, with a great soundtrack creating ebbs and flows of changing emotion, prompting what I was connecting to.  I found the combination of “headiness” and spontaneous art making completely absorbing, Trilby murmuring a word to one or other of us, a prompt here, a technique or encouragement there, knowing her materials and how they might be used for the marks that we desired to make.
I loved how she handled sharing.  No pressure, recognising how much insight comes later.  Encouraged to write about what we created.  Going back to the work later, I am amazed at how my body map sits dearly in my heart.  I love it.  It is like a diary entry or a letter posted to oneself, that is full of hints and glimpses, a thing that speaks differently each time you open it – Geordie
I absolutely loved the session. I had just stepped off a plane, my head was full and I was anxious about the weeks ahead. We started doing the session and you made us feel completely at ease with your warmth and great hospitality. You explained the exercise and how to use the materials so well and you gave me (us) the perfect space to allow whatever it was we had going on to emerge from within and find it’s way onto paper. Time flew by and I was surprised by what came up as my initial idea shifted and evolved as I went along. I left feeling more connected to myself, more at ease, and quietly excited about what is emerging in me. Thank you for a wonderful session – Ann
Since 2017 our children from KwaFaku Vulindlela Reading Club in Lower Crossroads, Philippi have been experiencing magic through art sessions offered by WholeHeartedArt.
Our children do not do art for pleasure or as learning area in schools they go to. Through the WholeHeartedArt sessions our children imaginations and potentials have been sparked for life.
Our children’s perception of art has gone beyond understanding art as drawing only but also as a journey of self-discovery.  The art experience has made them aware that they are part of a bigger community beyond their township through exploring different concepts like the Puzzle Art and Self Portraits: This Is Me sessions.
One of the biggest memories they will never forget is learning that they can have a career with Art, as is one sessions they created paintings that where part of a fundraiser for our camp… and guess what – they got paid for their work!
We are grateful to WholeHeartedArt. We now have children who are curious and have interest in the arts.
– Malusi Ntoyapi, KwaFaku-Vulindla Reading Club, Lower Crossroads, Philippi