What We Do

WholeHeartedArt is a space where creativity, playfulness, discovery, wonder, healing, as well as a greater sense of connection to and understanding of self can be explored. It is a place that is safe and sacred, that is reserved for exploring and expressing the heart of self through mark making – art by any other name.

My approach to art making is non-judgmental and process oriented.  It is the creative process rather than the final art product that is the focus of attention. Participants are encouraged to work spontaneously, to trust the creative process, to express honestly and to respect and honour all that is made. Processes are designed to bypass the critical, controlling mind so that participants are able to let go of fear and surrender to the creative process. My workshops are facilitated in response to the interests and needs identified by each group, or on an open class monthly basis where I determine the theme and focus. No previous art experience is required.

“May this be a place of wholehearted attention
to that inner voice that wants to be heard.
May the door to your soul be thrown open wide
to welcome all who may appear.
It is in the hidden and forbidden parts of us
that the true joy is found.
The deepest secrets often come to us in silence.
Welcome every creative impulse as a sacred stranger.”

      – Blessing written for WholeHeartedArt by Barbara Fairhead, 2019