Who We Are

WholeHeartedArt is a space where creativity, playfulness, discovery, wonder, healing, as well as a greater sense of connection to and understanding of self can be explored. It is a place that is safe and sacred, that is reserved for exploring and expressing the heart of self through mark making – art by any other name.

WholeHeartedArt emerged from my experience attending ASTAR (Awakening Spirit Through Art) based classes and workshops facilitated by Gail Schoeman in July 2013. The ASTAR philosophy, approach and methodology was developed by Lindy Solomon, and I have been attending her weekly classes since October 2018. ASTAR is a non-judgmental approach to art making where the creative process is the focus rather than the art products. Participants are encouraged to work spontaneously, to trust the creative process, to express honestly and to respect and honour all that is made. Processes are designed to bypass the critical, controlling mind so that participants are able to let go of fear and surrender to the creative process.

These workshops, together with others such as SoulCollage facilitated by Catherine Anderson, the Life Line Counselling Course, and Helene Smit’s Depth Facilitation Course, continue to inspire me and expand my offering.

In 2016 I felt a desire and saw a need to share what I was personally experiencing with a wider community, and I embarked on facilitating ad hoc workshops, primarily in previously disadvantaged areas around Cape Town.

I facilitated my first workshop in November 2016, and continue to work with groups in a range of quite diverse contexts. My workshops are facilitated in response to the interests and needs identified by each group. I offer a supportive and nurturing space, free from the stresses and demands of everyday life, for people to explore their untapped and unique creativity.

Inspired by the ethos of TOMS shoes and the Pay It Forward philosophy, for every paid participant, WholeHeartedArt ensures a place for someone who might not otherwise have the opportunity.

I look forward to welcoming you into the studio, and sharing the WholeHeartedArt space with you.

Trilby Krepelka